If it moves, we treat it.

Our primary job is to relieve pain and prevent further damage. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you.


Chiropractic works with the moving units of the body (bones, muscles, nerves, connective tissues),
so as well as being effective for back care, it is also effective in helping relieve pain and correct problems in all moving parts of the body, including:

Achilles tightness

  • arthritis, care & mobilization
  • arm pain
  • asthma
  • athletic injuries & training

Balance problems & improvement

  • bedwetting
  • bursitis

Calf cramps

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • colic, infant & child care
  • collapsed toes
  • constipation
  • core exercises information

Dance injuries & training

  • degenerative disc care
  • disc herniation assessment & care

Ear infections

  • energy problems, assessment
  • eye & ear problems, some

Falls, care & prevention

  • flexibility, assessment & help
  • frozen shoulder

Golf injuries & training

  • growing pains


  • hockey injuries & training

Injury recovery & mobilization

Jaw pain

Knee pain

Leg pain

  • low back pain

Menstrual cramps

  • migraines

Neck pain

  • nerve pain
  • nutrition information


  • osteopenia, osteoporosis

Plantar fasciitis

  • PNF exercises
  • posture analysis & improvement
  • pregnancy care

Quieting pain messaging

Relaxation techniques

  • rib pain
  • running injuries & training


  • scoliosis
  • shin splints
  • sinus headaches
  • sprained ankles/joints, recovery
  • sports injuries & training
  • sports technique improvement
  • stretching information

Tennis elbow

  • TMJ, frozen jaw
  • trigger point therapy

Under/over-active nerve circuits

Vertigo & dizziness

Weight loss advice & rebalancing

  • weight training & injuries
  • whiplash & car accident injuries, ICBC
  • work injuries, WSBC

X-ray reading, report interpretation

Yoga injuries & suggestions

Zingers, sharp shocks of pain anywhere

Chiropractic expertise in spinal health means expertise in moving parts.

For more info, please see RESEARCH & STUDIES.

The chiropractic care for these conditions is evidenced-based. For the most commonly seen problems (low back pain, neck pain, headaches and whiplash) the evidence strongly supports chiropractic care for its effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and its safety.

For some conditions, like bedwetting and ear infections, the evidence is weak – meaning not enough controlled studies have been performed to say whether treatment is helpful, or no better than placebo. Treatment is, however, still safe and non-invasive, and well worth a try.

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